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Vitamin N is the name symbolically given to the benefits the body and mind gain when being in contact with nature. This term is increasingly in vogue considering the fast pace of life and the role that technology is taking in our lives, to the detriment of our connection with the natural environment.

In our school this contact is daily and continuous. We enjoy the great privilege of a school that is integrated with nature year-round. We are fully aware and grateful to have this luck, so we always try to enjoy and to transmit this joy to our students.

The large trees that we enjoy are beneficial for our bodies and give us pure oxygenated air. This provides us harmony, balance and serenity. Nature is also a good teacher and we benefit from it daily through directly observation and participation. One example of this is when students help the gardener in growing the garden.

This is a beloved activity for primary students (PR01 to PR04), who volunteer each year to cultivate their 4m2 plot. They prepare the soil by removing weeds and then plant beans, lettuce, tomatoes, apricots, peppers, strawberries and other seasonal products. After overseeing the process, they take care of the land and, indirectly, learn to be patient, to respect the times, to work in cooperation and to collect the fruits.

In addition, our gardener, Lluís, is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and pruning of our school’s lush school grounds. It includes a great variety of trees, some of them huge, such as oaks, cedars, magnolias, pines, cypresses, olives, chestnut trees, cherries, plum trees –known as the tree of love–, firs, laurels, fig, lemon and orange trees… At the top of the mountain, as well, there are about twenty vineyards thanks to the sandstone, one of Alella’s fine land characteristics.

In addition to these natural elements, some animals visit us sporadically: birds –especially robins and wood pigeons–, rabbits, squirrels and frogs.

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