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Culture of Thinking

The video “A journey towards the Culture of Thinking” is about the inspiring learning journey experienced by the school team which attended the “International Conference on Thinking” in Miami in May.

Santa Cecilia Music Day Concert

The students of primary and secondary performed in a concert during Santa Cecilia Music Day. Once again, the school has celebrated this special day siinging songs and playing homemade instruments.

Shared reading

Every Tuesday, four different students from 3rd ESO, who stay at school for lunch, volunteer for storytime with the group Platero, P4. As can be imagined the youngsters really look forward to this activity.

The Kindergarten Festival

The end of year festival was inspired by ¨The Cave of Musicians¨¨.a story written by J. Ramon Roy. The children were learning to express themselves through the history of Music. 

The Day of the Tree

This year the group Sirius ceded a Mandarin tree to the group Guinyol and both courses planted it together in the garden. The students from group Sauce, 1st grade of primary, sang their class song for the first time to all those present.

Primary school Festival

“Viajando con Arte” (Travelling with Art) was a show full of colour and entertaining coreographies. The Festival brought to an end the interclass project of the same name which strengthened the artistic sensitivitity of our students.

The Day of the Family

Once again we would like to thank all those who collaborated so generously and, in doing so, made this special day such a success. The work carried out in the weeks building up to the day, all the logistics and the sponsorship cannot be thanked enough.

Wine Harvest Festival

One more year, we celebrate this long-awaited party … For being the first one of the school year but, above all, for being so linked with Alella and its land. It began with the youngest ones treading grapes and the students of Primary dancing the traditional dances of Sant Ferriol.

The Tree Day

Like every spring, we have celebrated the Tree Day in the school. It is a celebration that, with “The Cycle of Life” as a soundtrack, we use to say goodbye to the 4th of ESO students who pass on their tree, this year the Mimosa, to the students that next year will be in 1st of Primary.

Sports Day

We have celebrated a new edition of “Sports Day”, full of values such as effort, capacity to overcome and team work… A great sports day with a nod to the Olympics and a lot of fair play.


A fun Carnival celebrated by all the members of our school and their families. The images show the Primary students enjoying being dressed up as the “Wonders of the World” they were assigned in their interclass group. The students of Kindergarten enjoyed playing happily, disguised as their favourite superhero or character.

Día de la Paz

A band of violins from our school played “El cant dels ocells” in Alella’s Town Hall Square. The band was formed by students from different grades and their music teacher. They performed together in an event with other schools to commemorate the Peace and Non-violence Day. They later performed again in school in front of all of the students.


The pictures in this carol show the Christmas spirit that is present in our school beyond these holidays. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!


Musicalia is our new music school in Santa María del Pino. Young and older students -from our school and other centers- are learning how to play an instrument and its musical language. Classes are guided by specialized music teachers who are also musicians. Lessons are taught at lunchtime and in the afternoon, and are considered extra classes.


The first video this academic year is about the wine harvest festivity, one of the most beautiful celebrations and traditions not only in our village which is Alella but also in our school.


This refreshing video of the unforgettable Summer Kids & Summer Youngsters lived during this month of July at our school and its surroundings is a good way to wish you all a happy and nice summer. See you again in September with batteries and illusions recharged. Have a nice summer!

Fin de Curso

The end of the academic year offered many “images of the month”… but one of the most emotive was Kindergarten’s End of School Year Show, which concluded with the graduation ceremony for P5.


We jumped the queue and went into the classroom where someone was playing the violin. Marc was there giving a dynamic and beautiful music class to the 1st of ESO students, which was summarized in two minutes…

Día del Deporte

One more year, the school has celebrated Sports Day, which has started with the opening ceremony and has been followed by a day of matches and team sports. In this year’s edition Kindergarten has participated more than ever.


This month’s video comes from La Molina, the wonderful annual ski week full of sport, lessons in life, friendship and fun that our students from 5th of Primary to 2nd of Secondary have enjoyed yet again… thirty years already!


Morning of Carnival: students arrive at school dressed the musical class each designated primary version and free, children. The yard has mounted a photocall and parents to take advantage of group photos.


Video January is dedicated to an activity they perform very pretty, three days a week, all primary school students. While listening to a couple of times a stimulating yet relaxing “Pachelbel’s Canon” write two lines of calligraphy, tracing the first point, the line and then, finally, making it a free copying the model.

El colegio

We release new website with a video that conveys the essence of our school even better to know it and feel proud of belonging to “El Pino”, as do the team…

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