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Own kitchen

At school we have our own kitchen where the daily menu is prepared. Our chefs, who have been with us for more than 20 years use fresh local products, from farms within Maresme and from the sea.

Obviously, we follow the Mediterranean diet and we savour the typical seasonal products. Menus are designed by professional nutritionists, who combine foods according to their properties, vitamins and nutrients, to create well-balance meals. Likewise, we are flexible and adapt menus to the specific needs of students, including celiac students or those suffering other intolerances, allergies, cholesterol, etc.

The school does not have separate lunch monitors. Teachers stay with their students during lunch and at this time, they convey good table manners to students. They show students how to set and clear the table and teach basic hygiene standards before and after meals.


At school we are particularly sensitive to family work-schedules and organize our schedule accordingly. There are pre-care and after-care supervision services to help make schedules compatible with school. We try and help parents, who prioritze their children’s quality education in a natural environment.

The school is open every day from 8am to 7pm. Pre-care services are available from 8 to 9am and after-care services area available from 5 to 7pm. During this time, students can do their homework, remedial classes or participate in after-school activities.

Psycho-pedagogical Department

The school has a Psycho-pedagogical and Speech Therapy Department, focused on the detection of any difficulties that may arise in the classroom. After carefully evaluating a student and discussing each situation with the management team, we communicate our findings to parents and consider referring external services, such us psychology, dentistry, otolaryngologist, specialist speech therapy, etc.

The Speech Therapy service is held during school time and mainly focuses on Kindergarten and Primary school students. We work specifically on prevention and treatment of dyslexia and other reading, writing or speech difficulties… We also offer a screening test in P4 in order to foresee any anomalies.

In these cases, individualized attention is given. For the smallest, however, there are also sessions in pairs so that their motivation increases without affecting the treatment.

The school bus closer to home

We are starting new school bus routes to improve this service making it more efficient and enabling more families to take advantage of it.

We have changed the one existing route into two. One in the direction of Barcelona and the other in the Maresme.

On the one hand, we have reduced the length of the journeys, so that from start to finish it should take around 35 minutes. On the other hand, we have increased the number of stops to favour, for example, those students who live in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Argentona and Vilassar de Mar.

These changes have been made as a result of a request by families. In this way, the students can get up a bit later in the morning, arrive home earlier and spend less time travelling to and from school.

On the map below, you will find the new bus routes and timetable. The cost of this service will depend on the route, the frequency of use and the number of students using it. The greater number of students using it could result in lower prices.

As a school, we believe that the use of the school bus is an option to be considered. It minimalizes traffic around the school as well as reducing the number of cars, thus being more ecologically friendly.

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