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KINDERGARTEN (3-5 years)

Early childhood education is fundamental to the future development of the child both academically and personally. We work with the best methodologies allowing students to develop their character and identity, learning to interact with their peers and adults, in an open and respectful manner.

We rely on constructivist learning in which students learn from different everyday situations, such as manipulative math games and literacy. We also apply early stimulation, the famous Glenn Doman method, while respecting the developmental stage of each child, where neural networks are formed and which facilitates the current and future child’s learning. Thus it enhances the activity of the neurological system by stimuli such as reading bits, maths and encyclopaedic knowledge, music and psychomotor development.

The school has the appropriate facilities to teach psychomotricity and the movement of the body. Students use our playgrounds, gym, and nature to practice physical education. In addition to developing their psychomotricity skills, students take weekly swim lessons and go on regular outings to the surrounding mountains.

Similarly, the sand area allows students a constant connection to nature and the open air, while learning to care for their own safety, personal hygiene and their belongings.

In the canteen students learn to eat everything, educating their taste buds, thanks to the varied and balanced meals cooked daily, which are based on the Mediterranean diet and local products. P3 pupils take a nap while in P4 and P5 they enjoy some quiet time to read funny stories or to massage each other.

At this age, routines provide security for children. We like parents to accompany their children to and from the classroom so that they can talk directly to the teachers. Students start the day with their beloved “Good morning” and teachers/students (who does this refer to?) are able to control attendance through the class list and organise their day. All this helps them to develop their autonomy.

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