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At school we attach great importance to the emotional well-being of each child and help families with the promotion of values in order to train children in their entirety. To achieve this, we work with positive values –from a practical and contemporary point of view– to provide students a full and peaceful life. Our values will determine both our behaviour and the decisions we make throughout life. In this sense, we try to develop our students’ ability to identify their own emotions and to balance them in order to favour self-confidence, sociability and life skills.

We believe that in today’s society, determined and well-educated people are needed like never before, such as people with strong convictions who also have a great capacity to manage change. Secure, confident people, aware of their own possibilities, with values like empathy and solidarity, will thrive, as will happy, optimistic people, with no complexes or fear, who are able to find solutions to problems. We hope to foster brave, enterprising, responsible, resolute, balanced, competent, involved, self-reliant, creative and communicative students who will have an overabundance of options and opportunities in their lives.

At school we follow a Christian humanistic line, respecting all faiths, and we study the history of religions and cultures. We celebrate the Christian holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, and students have the opportunity to celebrate their First Communion and Confirmation at school.

Today it is essential to have respect for nature, ecology and the environment. Since it is an increasing concern, we want our students to have a strong ecological awareness beyond recycling. We want them to be informed and critical citizens, because understanding and loving nature may contribute to its preservation.

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