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The school is very well connected to Barcelona and Mataró (highway C-32) and all areas of Maresme (highway C-32 and N-II). Here you can find distances to different points in Barcelona and Maresme. We chose well-known points so you can get an idea of the distance from your house to school, if you do not desire using the bus system that the school provides.

The distances indicated with an asterisk (*) include sections on the motorway.

Distance from school:

Barcelona (Catalunya Square):19,4 km*
Barcelona (Les Glòries Square):16,9 km*
Barcelona (Oympic Port):19 km*
Barcelona (Diagonal Mar shopping center):15,6 km*
Montgat (Montgat Nord station):5,8 km*
El Masnou (Ocata station):4,7 km
Premià de Mar (Premià de Mar station):7,7 km
Premià de Mar (Premià de Mar station):11,5 km*
Premià de Dalt (La fàbrica square):11,6 km*
Vilassar de Mar (Cabrera-Vilassar de Mar station):12,2 km*
Vilassar de Mar (Cabrera-Vilassar de Mar station):13,4 km*
Vilassar de Dalt (Vilassar de Dalt City Council):11,4 km*
Cabrils (Pensions' square):12,1 km*
Cabrera de Mar (Cabrera de Mar City Council):12,8 km*
Mataró (Mataró station):16,7 km
Mataró (Mataró station):15,5 km*
Argentona (Argentona City Council):18,1 km*
Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Sant Andreu de Llavaneres station):24 km*
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