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At school we are strongly committed to sports since we consider it as an important part of our students’ physical and human development. Furthermore, our facilities permit the training and practice of different disciplines, including two sports courts and a large gym with a great range of equipment such as parallel bars, balance beam, and materials to practise vaulting horse exercises, acrobatics…

Students use the facilities and equipment during school time in Physical Education classes. But we also offer some high level after-school activities, including gymnastics –taught by two Olympic athletes– and indoor football. In both sports, the school teams are renowned for their good rankings in local and regional school competitions.

We also provide other after-school activities to promote team sports such as basketball or volleyball and we are introducing new activities, like skateboarding, adapting to the students’ preferences.

We see our after-school sports program as a great opportunity for completing our students education, as it conveys positive values such as excellence, discipline, commitment, tenacity, empathy… and respect for the rules, for colleagues, for the opposing team, coaches or judges. Likewise, it is a good opportunity to learn how to manage triumph and defeat to learn good sportsmanship, good manners and to control rivalry and competitiveness.

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