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Experiencing The American Lifestyle

Experiencing the American lifestyle

The so desired American experience started on Saturday 21st October when our 9th graders landed at Newark’s International Airport in NJ (next to NY). Eight students had a nice and smooth flight to the U.S. and, after a long security control, got in the yellow school bus and were driven to Long Trail School in Dorset, Vermont. All the families were patiently waiting at the school and welcomed all of our students in a warm and cozy atmosphere, most common in all the people in this state.
Our students spent the first Sunday with their host families, getting to know each other and getting ready for the week. Monday was a beautiful day, the weather was nice and all the students were very excited to know about the school and their schedule for the next two weeks. At LTS students follow their own academic itinerary, and the same is organized for the Spanish exchange students. The subjects they attend classes during the following two weeks are: Chemistry, algebra, geometry, American Literature, photography, drama, music, art, world history and P.E.
After being introduced in the morning assembly, their first period consisted of a tour around the school and the different classrooms. They were given a folder, a pen, their personal schedule and an LTS bottle of water. They were excited and nervous at the same time!
At 11:30 am lunch was ready, pizza on Mondays! They sat in Whalen -the big common room with the round tables where students have lunch or work during free periods- and shared what they had done during the previous periods in the different subjects.
A regular day finishes at 3 pm, but it is then when the special activities designed for them start and last until 5pm, time to get on the school bus to get back to the host home. On Monday our students left LTS at 2 pm and headed to Equinox pond. A very nice walk through the woods leads you to a marvellous pond surrounded by trees and its autumn colours.  Vermont is considered a green mountain state and during this season it is when the leaves change colours and turn to yellows, reds, oranges and browns. After taking pictures and relaxing for a while, they went to Manchester to enjoy having time for some shopping in the different stores – each being a different building- so different from what they are used to.
The exchange has just started and everything is working out really well. Students and families are all having a great time together. Hopefully it will be a succesful experience for all of them, in the same way that it will be for us when they come in April. Temperatures are high during the daytime but really low in the morning and at night, unusual for this time of the year. However, temperatures are expected to drop by the end of the week and get chilly.
We can’t wait to share everything that is coming up! Two weeks of non-stop adventures and Halloween preps!
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