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Having A Blast In Vermont!

Having a blast in Vermont!

Our 9th graders (3rd ESO) got to Vermont last Sunday October 16th. Since then, they are all getting adapted to the American lifestyle, to their families and to the school.

They were warmly welcomed at Long Trail School on Monday by the board of directors and the school’s staff. Long Trail School is located in Dorset and its educational system has the aim of transmitting core values to their students such as openness, integrity, stewardship, kindness and social responsibility.

The students have their own schedule and are separated in groups to attend lessons. They follow their host brothers and sisters to their advisory and the whole school gets together at the theater for a ten-minute assembly. After that, they follow a schedule and must attend the specific itinerary adapted for them. Periods last about 50 minutes and students have about eight different subjects every day with a ten-minute break in the morning and 30 minutes for lunch.

A regular school day finishes at 3 pm, but it is at that time that the Spanish students start an afternoon activity especially designed for them. So far they have gone hiking to Pinnacle mountain, they have been shopping in Manchester’s center, to the well-known 1946 Vermont country store, up to Stratton’s ski resort, had a picnic lunch at Equinox pond and have visited Robert Todd Lincoln’s home/museum. He was Abraham Lincoln’s son, the 16th president of the United States.

In addition, some of our students attend history lessons where the American elections are the daily topic, just another way of being fully immersed into the American society for two weeks. They are really having a blast in Vermont!

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