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Studying For The Official Cambridge Exams

Studying for the official Cambridge exams

At the end of primary the students are given the opportunity to begin studying for the official Cambridge exam of K.E.T. (Key English Test or A2 of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). When they start Secondary School, in ESO1, the ones who passed the exam the year before go on to study for the following official Cambridge exam which is P.E.T. (Preliminary English Test or B1 of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

We have already started dedicating one weekly session to prepare our students intensively. According to their level, they are split into two groups for both exams, KET or PET.  This enables the teachers to offer a more personalized approach.

Today the students of ESO1 are working in the classroom and in the library doing different tasks. The KET group is practicing a listening exam in order to improve the command of the aural skills in the English language. In addition, Maite gave them tips to learn how to distinguish the important information. Meanwhile, the PET group is writing a letter to an English friend giving their opinion about restaurants. Before writing, Anna helped the students brainstorming ideas and explaining how to structure the paragraphs.

The students find these classes motivating and stimulating. They’re rewarded seeing a steady improvement in their results as the weeks pass by. This year’s exam will be on May, 27th and we wish our students the best of luck. They deserve to do well.


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