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“The Rainbows” Learning Their Colours

“The Rainbows” learning their colours

At Santa Maria del Pino we have the most adorable “Rainbows” (P3 students).  These days we are teaching them how to distinguish between the colours, in the gymnasium. As you can see they are sorting the balls and placing each coloured ball in its relative bucket. Aren’t they great? All the kindergarten children do gym class in English, they can learn a world of different things without even being aware of it. How simple is that?

Colour is one of the ways your preschooler makes distinctions among things she sees. Colour words are some of the first words she uses to describe these things. Have you heard the pride in your child’s voice when she names the colours of the balloons in the shop? The red ball, the blue car, the yellow ship… these are perfect examples of how children use colours as a means of defining and organising the world. One of the difficult things about learning English is knowing to put the adjective before the noun, here ,in the gym “The Rainbows” are doing it with ease and without pressure.

After picking up all the balls the children are allowed to play for the rest of the class. They love running and jumping, rolling and squealing and exploring their bodies from top to bottom.

Their gymnastic classes are imperative for increasing flexibility, strength and dexterity in small  muscle groups. With these muscles they are able to perform self-care tasks like buttoning, zippering and tying shoes.



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